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Friday 5th June 2020

Furness Business News

Windfarm substation to be shipped out by barge

Source: NW Evening Mail, 7 October 2010

The huge substation for developer Vattenfall's Ormonde windfarm is set to be shipped out from its current location at Barrow docks.

It will be transferred on to the Osprey Carrier, an ocean-going, deck cargo barge, and shipped out to the windfarm, being built in the Irish Sea off the coast of Walney.

Offshore windfarms consist of a number of turbines and a substation; which collects and transfers the energy generated by the turbines.

The substation, sitting on four pillars, is currently being slowly transferred from the dockside at Barrow on to the 70m by 20m barge.

Water inside the hollow barge, which can carry a maximum weight of 4,464 tons, is transferred from one side to another using pumps as the huge substation slowly creeps onboard, in order to keep the barge completely level as it takes on the extra weight.

Once the substation is secured on the barge, it will begin its 10-mile journey to the windfarm at a speed of around 4mph.

The substation’s final trip is due to take place tomorrow, depending on the weather.

David Carpenter, harbourmaster at Barrow Port, said: “Once the substation sets off from the dock, it is likely to take a couple of hours to get to the windfarm, certainly no more than three hours, but whether or not it sets off on Friday is dependent on the weather.”

The substation has been constructed at Barrow docks and includes an emergency accommodation unit to house engineers if maintenance work needs to be carried out at the windfarm.

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